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Hiring a professional real estate photographer is one of the most important steps you can take to ensure your home listing gets noticed and sells as quickly as possible for the highest possible price.  Professional real estate photography sells homes faster!  This news article from The Wall Street Journal indicates that buyers spend 60% of their time looking at listing photos, and only 20% each on the listing description and agent description.  Also, homes with high-quality photos receive a 47% higher asking price per square foot and have “an increased likelihood of selling” when priced above $300,000 according to this article.  Professional real estate photos are an essential part of successfully marketing your listings.

You only have a moment to capture a potential buyers’ attention while they surf the internet looking for their next home.  The photos you use to market your listings have to pop if you want your listing to stand out and get noticed. Professional real estate photos sell homes faster!

I’m passionate about photography. I offer services for residential and commercial real estate clients as well as home builders, interior decorators and professional home stagers.  I’ve spent decades perfecting my craft.  I also take great pride in doing things right by providing top-notch, friendly service.  You work hard to be a great real estate agent, builder, decorator or stager.  Becoming a great photographer takes many hours of training and a solid investment in equipment.  I can help you focus more on being a great at what you do best by taking the photography off your hands.  I will deliver great images that will make your property stand out, guaranteed!  I look forward to working with you.

— Brian Pendley

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Interior Real Estate Photography

Beautifully framed and lit interior real estate photos are key in getting a home buyers attention when they browse through hundreds of real estate listings.  All of my shots are carefully composed with attention to details and verticals to enhance the best features of any room.  I also shoot multiple angles in each room to be sure you have several to choose from to best fit your needs.

Home interior photography is challenging because of the varied lighting colors and brightness levels that are present in the vast majority of a properties interior rooms. While automated HDR photography techniques are often used in these situations they rarely do a good job of blending natural and artificial lighting. This can lead to unwanted color casts that make rooms appear to be a different color than they really are.  Automated HDR photography also has a tendency to look very unnatural. To get the best possible images I mix together the natural ambient light in the room with some flash exposures to properly capture the accurate color of the paint and floor coverings. I call this process TruDynamic editing. These images are then blended together by hand to achieve the final TruDynamic shot.

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Exterior Real Estate Photography

The first photo a prospective home buyer sees in your real estate listing will be an exterior photo. Exterior real estate photos need to pop!  It should be bright and clear.  A distorted poorly composed photo on a dull gray sky just won’t do here.  There’s an old saying for portrait photographers “Don’t shoot up the subjects nose.”  A house deserves the same respect.  Sometimes you can’t photograph at house at eye level.  It may sit on a hill at the top of a long driveway.  That’s why I elevate my camera up on a pole if necessary to get the best shot possible for the listing. If I have to, I’ll launch my drone up in the air to get the shot.  Blue skies are an important part of a great first shot as well so I offer the blue sky guarantee as an option for your shoot.

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Aerial Real Estate Photography

Aerial real estate photography can greatly enhance your real estate listings. It can help your clients get a real sense of the neighborhood, surrounding views and amenities. It can also help them to visualized the shape and location of the lot the property is built on. This is particularly useful for properties with acreage and unique features such as professional landscape design, pools, ponds, etc. If you plan on using drone coverage for your real estate listing needs be sure your drone pilot is FAA part 107 certified. No worries, Pendley Photography has you covered.

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Twilight Real Estate Photography

Twilight real estate photography images are perfect for those “WOW” property photos you really need to grab a home buyers attention.  This is especially true if the property has beautiful and professionally lighted outdoor living spaces.  The right twilight image can go a long way in helping a prospective buyer imagine themselves winding down in the evening after a hard days work.  It is also an essential photo needed to showcase properties with upscale lightscaping.

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